Chain Prayer

Queen Mary Chain Intercession Rosary Ministry

Queen Mary Chain Intercession Rosary Ministry is a fellowship of thousands of people who recites rosary 24 hours continuously under the leadership of Queen Mary Ministry. Reciting rosary along with a group of faithful has more miraculous power. We would be able to overcome all kinds of hindrances and obstacles with his power and turn our needs into a blessing, whatever be our prayer request.

You ought to do only this much. Just spare 15 minutes every day as per your convenience to recite rosary joining with this fellowship. There are 5 intentions for which you ought to pray. 1. Intention of the first mystery shall be for the personal needs of those who are in the Queen Mary Chain intercession Rosary Ministry, 2.For the healing of all the sick people, 3. For the peace in all the families, 4.For those who do abortion(knowing it is a sin or unknowingly), 5. To overcome the obstacles in evangelization. Additionally, for a moment, pray for the intentions of those in the Queen Mary Chain intercession Rosary Ministry whenever you participate in Holy Mass.

If you would like to sign up for this, fill in the following form, specifying your convenient time to pray the rosary everyday for 15 minutes. It will be added to the Chain intercession Rosary Time Request.

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