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Faithful Catholic Counseling for individuals,Families and Spouses

"Live a Life Worthy of the calling you have received" Ephesians 4/1 Queen Mary Ministry Counseling Services is devoted to strengthening marriages and families, as well as individuals in any state of life, in order to better fulfill their vocational callings and thereby find fulfillment and happiness in their lives. The Lord has been gracious enough to change the course of countless lives who have come here in times of trouble and given them all a new beginning. Any counseling provided by Queen Mary Ministry Counseling Services will be committed to the pursuit of standards of both professional excellence and adherence to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.Dedicated and spiritually trained Counsellors are ready to receive you with love,personally counsel and pray for you.

Individual Counseling

Perhaps the most important work a person can do for their vocation is to complete any 'unfinished business' from childhood, as this impacts the foundation upon which all further vocation and mission rests. This work includes the healing of wounds, the forgiveness of those who have injured or neglected us, the strengthening of one's identity in what is good and true, and the integration of unhelpful emotional scripts set in place in early formation. These scripts, very common in most people, are often the reason we can say with St. Paul:

"I do not understand my own behavior; I do not act as I mean to, but I do things that I hate." Rom 7:15 Common scripts in Western culture include perfectionism, self-criticism, affirmation seeking, conflict avoidance, the repression of emotions, compulsive thinking and behaviors, eating disorders, compulsive eating, many addictions, social anxiety, and various kinds of anger problems.

Marital Counseling

Marital couples typically seek out counseling for communication, conflict and intimacy problems. They might also be looking to fully reconcile and heal after a relational wound. It is very wise to be proactive with these types of problems as time almost never improves them and indeed, usually compounds them (much like putting off physical health issues or automotive problems). Unfinished work from childhood can also be the root of some marital problems.

Parenting Counseling

Parents often contact for counseling due to behavioral problems occurring with a child. While these problems are always addressed, the initial emphasis of most parent work is aimed at strengthening the relationship of the child to the parent (as St. John Bosco says in reference to wayward children, "If you can get them to love you, you can lead them anywhere"). Many behavior problems in children evaporate entirely once a child's heart is reconnected to the parent.

Retreat on Praying as a Couple and as a Family

Both John Paul II and Benedict XVI have repeatedly called the Catholic faithful to learn to pray more deeply and to learn to hear the Lord in prayer thus allowing the Lord to be our strong Shepherd in this life. If we don't know how to pray deeply, however, how can we hear his voice? And if we don't know how to hear his voice, how do we teach our children to follow him securely in their own journeys? For individuals, couples and even families with older children who desired to deepen their prayer life and learn to pray together, Queen Mary Ministry conducting the retreat to learn to pray and hear the word of God

It is Anonymous and Discrete

Both the law and sound ethics require Queen Mary counseling services to be strictly confidential .

It is Convenient

The convenience afforded by phone or email based counseling time allows for much greater ease in fitting into an otherwise busy schedule.


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