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Many of us spend our entire lives in building a secure and a comfortable environment. But the moment we leave this earth, we will come to know that whatever we have achieved on this earth was all in vain. Instead if we put our efforts in fulfilling the desire's of our Lord Jesus Christ, we will be rewarded

"Thus Says the Lord God, who Gathers the dispressed of Israel: others will I gather to him besides those already gathered "Isaiah 56/8."Go into the whole world and make them all my Disciples" Mathew 28/19.

Time is running out and therefore we ought to make use of every single minute and every opportunity to save the drowning people from the eternal devastation. Our desire should be to say, "When I go to heaven, I don't want to meet my Lord empty handed and I want to take hundreds of souls to Christ". Jesus has paid his life as price for the same. Are we willing to carry his mission? Every effort we take to proclaim His Word will be rewarded by our Lord-says in Revelation 22/2"Be hold, I coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done". May the Lord grant the reward to us bountifully at His coming and may our lives be pleasing to Him. Let these words of the Bible strengthen each of us to fulfill the desire and purpose of our creation by our Creator God Almighty for Building His Kingdom through our daily life and saving the lives of our fellow men of this world. Thank you for the interest in Covenant Partner with Queen Mary Ministries and praying that your Covenant Partnership with Queen Mary Ministries becomes a blessing to you and your family.

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