Holy love Fellowship

Lets join our hands to pray and work together to praise God and for the freedom of Souls.

Queen Mary Ministry holy Love Fellowship

Any moment ,any day,you can enlighten the darkness in your heart as you tune into Marian Radio.But God's Love is not the light that switches off as you step out of your Home. Marian Radio allows the Word of God to go out in the atmosphere,and it allowed the spirit of the Word to reach the Hearts of people.

Marian Radio strengthens me to be rooted in the Word of God.Handpicked,highly selected programs chosen for their high intensity inspirational content are available on the net.Marian Radio has a message from the Word of God preached in all its power and beauty by inspired spiritual leaders of the Catholic Church Bishops,Priests and Lay Preachers expoand the Word of God bringing home its revelence and richness.

You have come to the right place to listen to Marian Radio! Here at Marian Radio we provide you with free 24 hours day broadcasting in Multilanguage catholic programming.You can listen to Marian Radio using any of your computer and mobile device which has an active internet connection.


Israel was chosen by God bless the whole world. Smilarly in this modern times God has chosen very especially the Malayalees for US evangelization. As a result Malayalees were attracted to almost every state in US. Following this God aroused the spirituality in the Malayalee through the Charismatic Renewal. Today this renewal is just spreading through the Malayalees to all states in America. This is God's wonderful plan.

Malayalees in different states in US wish to do something for the Kingdom of God. And of course some are working individually. Unfortunately the lack of proper vision has made thier work fruitless. Prayer groups and communities started with much enthusiasm have turned stack. The absence of a supporting community has accused many to lose their enthusiasm.

The Members

It was at this juncture that Queen Mary Ministry was inspired by God to form a fellowship of those people, who had supported the ministry all these years, through prayers and spreading of the Queen Mary Ministry Publications. For the Spiritual growth and awakening of the members in the fellowship, a e-mail bulletin two times for every month would be sent to the members free of cost. The contents of the news letter would be regarding the experiences and ministry of the members in different states and regions. Queen Mary Ministry gives the vision and prayer support for our ministry.

Anyone can become members of the fellowship. They should have an earnest desire for US evangelization and the kind-heartedness to support Queen Mary Ministry. Any member can take leave from the fellowship as and when he wills. Moreover the person must be willing pray earnestly for all members in the fellowship.

If God anoints a ministry then those who support and co-operate with the ministry would also receive that anointing. Queen Mary Ministries nevere evolved out of human discernment. Likewise, this ministry too is being initiated as a result as a message received through prayer. When you take part in this ministry with faith, love and atmost Joy, God's grace will surely be showered upon your family and ministry.